LCC Launches Tuition-Free Adult Career Enrichment Center

Lamar Community College

Lamar Community College (LCC) proudly announces the launch of its tuition-free Adult Career Enrichment Center (ACE Center), scheduled to open its doors on July 1, 2024. Dedicated to empowering adult learners, the ACE Center focuses on assisting individuals in attaining a secondary (high school) equivalency certificate, or GED, thereby ensuring that education is accessible for all.

Kyle Lasley, Academic Dean, remarked, “The ACE Center is another testament to LCC’s responsiveness to community needs. As a former K–12 administrator, I understand the challenges of accessing such services. I was thrilled when President Reyes initiated discussions at LCC about addressing these needs. A GED can unlock countless opportunities.”

The ACE Center is specifically designed for individuals without a high school diploma seeking an educational path towards their desired careers. Initially focusing on GED preparation, the center also provides support for improving English language proficiency, which is crucial for personal and professional advancement. With a commitment to facilitating smooth transitions to post-secondary education and career paths, the ACE Center will offer comprehensive individualized workforce and career planning assistance.

LCC extends its sincere thanks to the Department of Human Services for transitioning their GED program back to the College, enhancing LCC’s ability to serve the community more comprehensively. This collaboration has been instrumental in expanding the College’s offerings and ensuring that it can meet the diverse needs of adult learners.

Dr. Rosana Reyes, LCC President, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce this service to our adults in our community. The ACE Center exemplifies our commitment to providing accessible and student-centered education, that can profoundly impact individuals’ lives.”

The ACE Center will be the go-to destination for adults seeking support that can lead to career development and growth. Whether pursuing high school equivalency, enhancing English skills, or embarking on new career paths, the ACE Center will provide support.

Prospective learners are invited to join the LCC ACE Center to embark on a journey of growth, learning, and boundless possibilities. For enrollment and further details, visit us on campus or contact Tayla Turner at 719-336-6648.

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