Lamar Community Building Gets New Gym Floor

New Gym Floor Installation at LCB



Estimates are about 25 years for the last time a new gym floor was installed at the Lamar Community Building.  Work has been underway since May, installing a new floor which will help correct some oversights which went into the first one.

New Design for Central Logo

Lamar Recreation Program Manager, Tyndan Marquez, explained the new board surface will run north to south, court-to-court when completed, while the original bottom supports will remain east to west as they were embedded into the cement when originally laid.  The old top surface was also installed with an east to west direction.

“This will eliminate about 80 to 90% of the dead spots that were in the old flooring as well as some of the squeaks that resulted from the first floor.” He added that the project is expected to be completed by August 1st, just in time for the start of volleyball season.

The Savage Thunder logo is gone and the main emblem in the center of the court will feature a traditional orange colored “L”.

The replacement costs were budgeted into the city’s finances for 2023 and one bid was received from All City Flooring who said it would honor its 2022 estimate.  The Denver based firm submitted a bid of $162,926.
By Russ Baldwin

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