PUC Rules in Favor of LUB in Rehearing Bid from SECPA

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Lamar Light Plant Superintendent, Houssin Hourieh, noted to the Lamar Utility Board during its August 10th meeting, an update from the Public Utilities Commission from Wednesday, August 4th.  PUC, he said, ruled in favor of the Light Plant and denied SECPA’s application for rehearing, re-argument or re-consideration of Decision No. 21-0368.  The Commission confirmed its decision which was issued on June 16, 2021 which states:

SEPCA is ordered to cease and desist from serving May Valley’s Well No. 7

LUB is authorized to offer to reconnect Well No. 7 to LUB’s service

May Valley is not required to accept LUB’s offer, but it cannot continue to receive service from SECPA


The Lamar Utility Board approved purchase order payments of $953,605.35 of which $919,218.35 was an estimate for July electricity purchases from ARPA, Arkansas River Power Authority.  Total purchase bills amounted to $982,729.53.  The board also approved payment of bills totaling $140,834.

The Light Plant purchased various lengths of Western Red Cedar Poles to supplement supplies.  The low bid of $32,637 was submitted by Bell Lumber and Pole.  Hourieh explained that steel now costs twice much as wooden poles and the ones purchase by the Light Plant come with a classification as being more durable.  “We use the steel poles in areas where there have been high burn histories,” explained the Superintendent.

Hourieh noted that the plant was notified by Tri-State Dispatch on July 30th, they had lost their Lamar to Boone 230KV line due to a broken crossarm and the plant was switched to the 115KV line.  Dispatch was concerned about voltage stability therefore the plant was asked to energy its 9MVAR capacitor bank and requested customers to conserve energy that afternoon to avoid any load shedding.  By 5:30, Tri-State’s crew completed the repairs and switched back to the 230KV line.

The line crew constructed 960 feet of overhead line extension to a house on RD 9 between CR NN and PP.  The crew also replaced several poles with one at RD 13 and RD LL and another that was struck by a vehicle at 6th and Parkway Drive.

The board moved into executive session to receive legal advice on questions regarding PUC’s decision regard the case between LUB and SECPA.

By Russ Baldwin


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