Detour Season Arriving – South Main Water Distribution Project


Construction Crew On-Site on South Main Street



Infrastructure improvements are underway in Lamar after a several month unplanned delay, mostly attributed to the COVID-19 virus impact. At the start of the year, Mayor Kirk Crespin signed a construction agreement, contract and bonds for the Lamar Main Street Water Distribution Phase II Project, estimated at $1,674,813. The bid for the project was awarded to K.R. Swerdfeger of Pueblo.

Replacement Water Main Pipes

According to Pat Mason, City of Lamar Public Works Director, the water line replacement project will replace the existing asbestos cement water distribution system along Main Street/Highway 287 (approximately between Park and Cedar Streets and between Savage Avenue and Saddle Club Drive). The project is expected to be completed by October.

Mason explained to The Prowers Journal, “The work will also include installation of water mains and service lines as well as fire hydrants and connecting the new lines to the existing water distribution system. The project will pick up on South Main where it left off the last time and work will concentrate on the east side of Main Street, heading south to Cedar Street.” He added, “The project will pick up again along Savage Avenue and continue to Saddle Club Drive.” Mason said there will be some crossover work to the west side of Main Street to make necessary connections with metering and service lines.

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