Lamar Utility Board Purchasing Replacement Equipment

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The Lamar Utility Board met via teleconferencing this past Tuesday, April 28th and took action to replace various line materials, LED yard and street lights, and raptor protection devices.

Light Plant Superintendent, Houssin Hourieh noted the LED lighting is for stock inventory used to maintain street and yard lighting. Four bids were received with the board voting to approve the low bid from Blazer Electric for $25,173.75.

Bids for the raptor protection devices were received to adhere to the Avian Protection Plan approved last year. The low bid for $28,077.02 was received from Wesco Denver.

Seven bids were received for a variety of line material hardware to replenish stock inventory. The low bid from Border States was accepted at $10,435.50.

Hourieh explained the light plant’s line crew completed the reconstruction of six structures in the Korman area that were damaged during a controlled burn on Tuesday, April 7th. The responsible party has been invoiced for the damages at $23,684.53. Crews also completed the construction of two new three-phase, 25kv services to sprinklers in the May Valley area.

The board received six completed applications for the LUB/ARPA 2020 scholarship. One was submitted from McClave, three from Lamar and two from Wiley.

Volunteers from the board, Pat Leonard, Clifford Boxley and Jay Brooke will assist in the selection process. Winners will receive $1,000 each with both the LUB and ARPA contributing to the funding.

Monthly purchase orders totaling $36,360.24 were submitted to the board of which $20,309.46 required approval. Bills totaling $709,406.52 were also submitted for approval, of which $641,489.97 were for power purchases from Arkansas River Power Authority.

By Russ Baldwin

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