Annual Goal for Colorado Department of Agriculture

Kate Greenberg


It’s early summer and Colorado’s farmers and ranchers are as busy as can be. It’s usually about this time we start seeing the potential of the season with new calves, growing crops, and greening fields.

This is also the time of year at the Colorado Department of Agriculture when we pull together our vision for the future. With the end of the legislative session and the state’s fiscal year, CDA has been setting our goals and objectives for the next twelve months.

First and foremost, we are focused on delivering excellent service to our customers, and fair and consistent regulation across our programs. CDA will continue to deliver across our eight programmatic divisions and dozens of programs, from the State Fair to our inspection services.

In addition, we remain focused on supporting Colorado agriculture through strategic initiatives. We continue to build on our forward-looking strategy to foster resilience, productivity, and opportunity for all in agriculture.

Over the next year, we will continue driving our direct support for farmers, ranchers, agricultural workers, small business owners, and next generation ag leaders. We’ll remain focused on:

Opening new markets, both at home and abroad;

Investing in climate smart and water resilient producer-led practices;

Providing resources, technical assistance and other risk management tools that help ag businesses advance stewardship and productivity;

Supporting future generations;

Advancing animal health and welfare; and

Building resilient food systems across Colorado so the food grown, raised, and produced in our state can be accessible to the families who need it most.

Through multiple community outreach programs and with the help of our Regional Assistant Commissioners, CDA is staying connected to the people and communities feeding our state.

I hope you take the time to participate in any of the engagement opportunities we offer to share your thoughts with us on the challenges and solutions your community is facing.

Commissioner Kate Greenberg

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