Unofficial Election Results for the State and Prowers County


While it may take some time before the National Presidential Election results are known, Colorado has posted the unofficial tally for contests in the Centennial State from the November 3rd election.


There were 21 candidates on the Colorado ballot for President including a slot for any write-in candidate.  The unofficial tally for Colorado is 1,631,018 for Biden and  1,220,661 for the incumbent, Donald Trump. 


Prowers County residents cast 1,438 ballots for Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket and 3,977 for Trump for the GOP.  There was an 81% voter turnout for Prowers County with 5,545 ballots cast from 6,840 eligible voters.


Former Colorado Governor  John Hickenlooper received 1,565,775 statewide ballots against the incumbent Republican U.S. Senator, Cory Gardner’s 1,280,289. 


Prowers County residents cast 3,933 for Gardner for a second, four-year term and 1,417 for Hickenlooper.


Ken Buck, the republican candidate for the state’s 4th Congressional District, defeated challenger and political newcomer, Ike McCorkle by a vote of 162,263 to 262,621.   Buck also won the county with 3,976 versus the tally for McCorkle at 1,269.


The contest for state senator for District 35 went to Cleave Simpson, a Republican, who will replace term-limited Larry Crowder.  The county vote had Simpson winning, 3,589 to 1,483 for the Democratic challenger, Carlos Lopez.


The Republican party also took District 64 with incumbent Richard Holtorf holding on to the seat he assumed from Kimmi Lewis last year, 3,782 to 1,511 for long-time rancher, Dean Ormiston, Democrat from Baca County.


The heavily contested race between Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush and GOP contender Lauren Boebert  for District 3, had Bush with 187,211 and 209,496 for Boebert.


Joshua Vogel was unopposed in his election for District Attorney for the 15th Judicial District and County Commissioners, Republicans, Wendy Buxton-Andrade and Tom Grasmick were unopposed in their bid for re-election to serve Prowers County for another term.  Commissioner Ron Cook was not up for re-election.


Here are the unofficial tallies for various amendments and propositions for both Prowers County and the Colorado tabulation:  As always, thanks to Prowers County Clerk & Recorder Jana Coen and the staff that serves our needs throughout the year.


  County Yes (For) County No State Yes (For) State No
Amendment B  2,356  2,895 1,573,790   1,164,871
Amendment C 2,380   2,827  1,415,356  1,321,325
Amendment 76  4,411  952  1,781,029  1,061,679
Amendment 77  3,001 2,241  1,651,940  1,111,960
Proposition EE 2,272  3,086 1,938,525 908,805
Proposition 113  1,507 3,802 1,485,429 1,349,983
Proposition 114  1,452  3,863 1,412,507  1,402,280
Proposition 115  3,399  1,949  1,161,625  1,676,245
Proposition 116  3,767  1,583  1,616,729  1,219,964
Proposition 117  3,052  2,103  1,414,954  1,291,682
Proposition 118  1,925  3,397  1,607,082  1,210,421



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