Letter to the Editor: Questions on Ballot Issue 1A


To Whom it May Concern;

In the Roman Empire it was bread (free hot dogs) and chariot races and gladiatorial races (constant “entertainment,” sports, etc….) that filled the belly and distracted the mind, allowing emperors to rule as they saw fit!

Weird how that could apply to even a small rural town in Southeast Colorado (Lamar).

Although a small group of “dissidents” remain diligent in exposing injustice and harmful deeds, the majority of the citizenry choose to remain uninvolved either out of fear, apathy or total unconcern.

I wonder how many realize the importance of your vote this year in Colorado?? One issue that has surfaced in our fair little county this year is Ballot Issue 1A….

The questions our citizenry should be asking before they vote “yes” out of fear of not having an ambulance service that runs out of city limits (Ballot Issue 1A) should be as follows:

Who paid for the professional signs showing up all over town (even on county and city government property?)

What is the name of the legal committee registered with the Secretary of State that is promoting Ballot Issue 1A?

Who is responsible for distributing and placing the signs? City employees? City and County officials?

Have threats been made to some who have questioned unethical actions of their superiors regarding this issue?

Is financial evidence of expenditures for signs available to the citizenry?

Are officials using scare tactics (like NO ambulance service will be available in the county) if you vote NO on the issue?

Is the true intent of Ballot Issue 1A for the county to pay for the project as a whole and bill half of it to the City of Lamar – essentially a half and half project.

FYI – according to the City treasurer the City ambulance owes the City of Lamar $249,000!

The citizens cannot be victimized in order to pay for unwise spending by our “leaders.”

Many questions needed to be answered before “the people” were expected to sacrifice more money because they are afraid or just plain uninformed! Be wise and ask the questions!  If this ballot issue was not done in an ethical way and with the good intent to serve “the people” VOTE NO!!!!!

Thanks for your time ~ please get involved before it is too late!

Barbara Hernandez
Surrey Ridge

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