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Bronc Riding Featured at Cowboy Up at the Wagons


Taking a Ride Around the Arena

Taking a Ride Around the Arena – Courtesy Photo by Pat Palmer

If you took away the speaker system, and the automobiles or any modern convenience surrounding the End of the Line Arena in Camp Amache in Granada, it would be an easy sell to convince you the date was somewhere in the 1870s.

Cooked over a Campfire

Cooked over a Campfire

The cook wagons from the Santa Fe Trail Cookers stood side by side, the site where the ham and beans, cornbread and cakes were cooked for the gathering at Camp Amache this past Saturday, June 3rd.  Pat Palmer said he started his campsite earlier that morning, “after giving my beans a good overnight soak.”  All the cooking is done over an outdoor charcoal-fired oven using old-time cookware and pots and pans.

And Dished up for Hungry Folk Indoors at the Arena

And Dished up for Hungry Folk Indoors at the Arena

The Friday night rains settled the dust around Granada, but the approximate 1.5 inches didn’t hamper activities. Vendors displayed their merchandise indoors while diners lined up for the afternoon meal.

Vendors Displaying their Unique Merchandise

Vendors Displaying their Unique Merchandise

The Calcutta started at 1pm followed by the bronc riding contest which was limited to the first 30 entries for the new event.  This marked the fourth year of Cowboy Up at the Wagons, a taste of what the authentic old west was like.  The day also provided a chance for folks to visit the historic Camp Amache site which featured some new information markers.

By Russ Baldwin

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