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Lively Easter at Lamar Elks Lodge

It's the Rabbit

It’s the Rabbit

‘Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the Bunny Trail…’  Over one hundred youngsters and relatives were on hand this Easter Sunday, ready to collect all the Easter Eggs from three of the golfing greens at Spreading Antlers Golf Course.  Talk about hopping, one little girl could have given the rabbit some lessons as she scampered across the green with her feet hardly touching the ground!

As Light as a Feather

As Light as a Feather

Peter was happy to oblige the kids and parents prior to the 11am egg scramble at the Elks Lodge, and posed for numerous pictures upstairs while his Elks assistants spread the colorful eggs over the main putting green and two others nearby.

Ready, Set, GO!

Ready, Set, GO!

Elks Exalted Ruler, Oscar Riley, explained that each of the greens was set aside for different age groups, from one to four, five to seven and seven and up to twelve year olds. The liveliest and most crowded green was the first while the youngest kids collected as many eggs as possible, either for some coins or candies that were stuffed inside.

Near Miss!

Near Miss!

The rabbit was busy this weekend in Lamar, providing a Saturday opportunity for youngsters to gather some holiday treats at Willow Creek Park, an annual tradition sponsored by the Lamar Parks and Recreation Department.  The estimated turnout ran to over 200 kids searching for 2,500 eggs which contained prizes ranging from candy to local gift certificates.  Apparently the busy bunny was also on hand at Centennial Park in Lamar for another hunt, put on but the Lamar Fire Department and Auxiliary staff.

by Russ Baldwin

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